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About Himalayan Eco-Travels

Himalayan Eco-Travels is a family run enterprise. We love to show you round our villages, mountain treks and the historic sacred grounds and monuments in this region. Please spend some time reading about what we do and who we are. And do contact us if you would like us to help you plan your trip to Nepal.

Himalayan AA Travel Pvt Ltd is trading as, registration no: 81299 /067/068


"We had such a refreshing time in Nepal. Thanks to Himalayan Eco-Travels for taking us to the less trodden paths and the opportunity to see the people and streets of Nepal through your eyes." William Ben, USA

Why Himalayan Eco-Travels?

Our commitment is ‘Responsible Travel' in the Himalayan region by providing opportunity to travellers from all over the world to discover the wonders of Himalayas and contribute to preserve Himalayan’s environmental beauty to future generations.
We are committed to improve the life of local people by involving local villagers in every stage of our tours and programs. So our commitments are:
  • *provide financial benefits to local people.
  • *provide empowerment to local communities.
  • *raise awareness for environment and culture and contribute to preserve them
  • *minimize the impact
  • *ensure positive memorable experience to travellers and locals.

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